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  2. My top two books are Parrotfish and Symptoms of being human, they are so good, and also queer fiction :)
  3. Hi! have you read the Grisha series my Leigh Bardugo? I read them and it is my new favorite book series. If so what are your thoughts? If you haven read them they are really great!!
  4. I am reading" ignite me" by Tahereh Mafi from the shatter me series, it is sooooo good I haven't been able to put it down a must read for me.
  5. It's so good, I stayed up for a night reading it!
  6. Has anyone read The Book Thief? I had to read it for school, but I got really into it!
  7. Oh I actually kind of read The Outsiders in school, unfornately we weren't going "fast" enough and rushed to watching the movie. The book was actually pretty interesting, I was half way through book and but reading it sucked because I had to constantly state what happened and where do you thinks it's going on paper; it took all the fun of enjoying the book and what's worse I'm 99% sure that I was a quarter into the book before they made us watch the movie. Nice suggestions though, I'll try to get into some of these series.
  8. It depends on what you are into, but I'll give you a few books from different genres that I really enjoy. Fantasy - Divergent, The Hunger Games, Warrior Cats Romance - To All The Boys I've Loved Before Dark Romance - Twilight (Currently reading: Percy Jackson) Horror - The Collector (The first horror book I could think of, if it's something you are into) 1980's - The Outsiders (My favorite book of ALL TIME) Fiction/Action-Adventure - Warrior Cats (I know I already listed that, but it fits here as well)....I can't think of any more at the moment, but I hoped this helped at least somewhat!
  9. Ooo that actually sounds pretty cool! I'll try to see if I can get it :O
  10. I have! I've read the entirety of Nevermoor and about 3 quarters of Wundersmith. It's my favourite series ever! We follow a young girl named Morrigan Crow, who is destined to die on Eventide. She's accepted her fate a long time ago, and has fallen into her own monotonous melancholic world. Before she can die, however, an odd man introduces himself to Morrigan, and whisks her off to the only place she'll be safe from her curse; Nevermoor. She must pass several tests and trials with her new friends to stay in Nevermoor, whilst discovering the truth about the two worlds. It's definitely worth a read! I love these books with my whole heart and if only I had the focus I would have re-read them a thousand times.
  11. I'm currently reading the visual novel, Bad sister. It's pretty good honestly-
  12. I have not read it, but now I'm curious, what's it about?
  13. Ooo, I could use a book like that honestly. I need to figure out my boundaries honestly lol.
  14. Awh the boxcar series sounds super cute and wholesome, I'll try to get my hands on them! Thank you so much for the recommendations!
  15. It is good, never stopped reading it. The boxcar children is about this group of orphans who run away because they think their grandpa is really mean, and then he finds them and is super nice, and they go all kinds of places, and the orphans keep finding mysteries and solving them. I love it
  16. OH! I have read a little bit of the magic treehouse when I was in 4th grade (pretty good ngl) but, I haven't read Boxcar children, do you have a summary for it?
  17. Both preferably, it's been a very long time that I haven't read something that was not a visual novel. (mainly because I'm a visual learner lol)
  18. Are you looking for something that's easy to read, with a lower reading level, or something that is going to occupy you and make you really want to read it? Or both?
  19. I'm trying to get back into reading after my interest in it was destroyed by school! Does anyone have any books that easy for my brain goop to comprehend?
  20. I am currently reading The Fruitful Darkness by Joan Halifax
  21. Currently reading Dune because the film was so good.
  22. I have read The Hobbit so many times I love it and will definately read it again lol.
  23. I don't know about fantasy, but I got dystopian? Rated and The Buried by Melisa Grey I also heard good things about They Both Die in the End

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