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An area to share your emotional burdens without being judged . Everyone matters here and we are here for you ❤️
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  2. I'm also here to help people out as much as I can, because honestly it makes me feel useful and I like doing it :)
  3. Thank you lovely, I know you said to look after myself first, I'll of course do that but I want you to know yes I'm a person here who's probably mentally unfit but I am here to support you :)
  4. thank you, i dont really get these type of messages so im very grateful that you talk to me. i want you to be happy,supported and safe too!
  5. Sorry if that didn't make any sense, I want you to be happy and supported and safe!
  6. Just letting you know that there is area especially for confidentiality support if you look at the banner on the top of your screen it should say confidential support if you click there you will be in touch privately again from Monsoon, blondie or Aurora will reply to your message, it's there if you want to talk about something you don't want the whole platform to see if that makes sense, I use it regularly!
  7. thank you, if i need support im gonna relly on them, i appreciate you caring
  8. @Monsoon @Blondie and @Aurora are support mentors who can support you if your needing support!
  9. dont worry about me im doing fine i can survive 6 years then im off so please focus on yourself and remember that you have to put yourself on the first place, thanks
  10. im trying to be calm because school is starting in six days and my father will be very angry at me because i didnt study
  11. I like science that makes sense. I don't like weird random stuff (Yay: Space, machinery, air. Nay: planet earth, ecosystems, the human body)

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