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What can and should I do ??? HELPPPP


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I’m a 17 year old girl that’s always liked guys. From a young age I was boy crazy. I love men, I love having sex with men, I love hanging out with men. I started “experimenting” (don’t know the right words that’s why I’m on here) with girls when I was 13-14. I would tell people that it made me uncomfortable and that I didn’t like it but in reality I did like it; women had softer lips and tasted like cherries and I wouldn’t get a carpet burns if (if bc i never really did the sex part) a women went down on me. A lot of people tell me I give off a gay/bi energy but when you get to know me I’m the straightest person you’ll ever meet. I’m here to ask all my lovely queers what can you do to find out what you are. I want to research I don’t want to just read the definition of pansexuality and just yes that’s me bc I don’t know. I’d also be the only queer in my family if I came out; I come from a very strict french family that don’t like transgender people so how am I suppose to say I’m Pan to them. It’s very scary, can someone help me ? 

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Hey there,

Welcome. I'm one of the digital mentors here at DTL and I give advice to those who reach out to us. It's completely normal to feel scared about coming out, especially when your family has a history of having negative views to a certain community. However, I think that it can be good to remind yourself to take one step at a time and figure out more about your identity first before thinking about coming out; what do you think? Also, the best way to find out who you are is to try new experiences which could include dating women for you. How would you feel about that? 


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Alr so it took me a while to figure out who I was I liked women but at the same time I was supposed to be straight so I gave it some time and I let my heart chose it’s path and I looked into the lgbtq+ couminty and  figured out who I was how I was and what is was 

so what I’m saying is follow the path you’re heart guides you and don’t let other’s opinions change who or what you like.

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