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I’m confused

Daniei H    

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Hey everyone my name is Daniel  I’m 19 yrs old and   I’m kinda new  to this site but I was wondering am I bi sexual or something else because For me I like boys and girls and had crushes on both of them boys and girls and once dating a girl I met once in 5th grade and kissed her I loved it but here’s the twist tho since I was in first grade or second grade I had a feeling and knew that I liked both boys and girls and that I was bi sexual because I always see boys and girls I like in school and etc and that  I always look and  stare at boys and girls and have feeling for them but I didn’t realized back then because we’ll  I was younger I didn’t knew what was going on with me and like I said I dating a girl once and kiss her and I loved it but I seen boys I like too that I wanted date and kiss and have a relationship with but anyways  here’s the reason I never dated a boy in school when my middle school days started for me  If you didn’t knew I was kinda of the weird kid well not the weird kid but slow kid you know what mean both the weird kid and slow kid I had friends but not a lot like the popular kids because I forgot too mention I have some disorders and problems like adhd ocd mild Intellectual disability and Tourette’s but not that bad but anyways I was scared too date a boy because I was afraid kids will made fun of me and called me names and stuff like queer or homo or stupid retarted or fat and too be clear I was kinda been bullied because of my problems that I  had  with learning and stuff and I forgot too mention another thing I had surgery on my neck and that was an issue for with bullying there has been times the kids back in middle school when they were making fun of me of my neck surgery anyways that’s some details about me but here’s the part I wanted too answer am I bi sexual like I said I like both but I have more feelings towards  boys than girls I’m quite little confused on how does bi sexual work and definitions of it and how dating works for it someone please help me I’m kinda confused if I’m bi sexual or not 

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Hey Daniel,

Welcome to our online community. I am one of the digital mentors here and I give advice and support to people who reach out to us. It's great to have you here. 

Thank you for explaining how you're feeling about your sexuality. I saw that you mentioned being bullied and I'm sorry to hear about that. Can I ask, has the bullying stopped now? I know you said it was in middle school and that you're 19 now, but I just wanted to check. I hope you're alright. Being bisexual means that you are sexually attracted to people of more than one gender. Is that how you would describe being bisexual? If so, do you feel like it fits your identity? 


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