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Best Friends

vincent1996 ย  ย 

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Is it normal for best friends to talk everyday? Toย share how we are doing almost everyday, on a regular basis? We are both males, have been friends since college and see each other like brothers. We are from the Philippines and our country is predominantly conservative.ย  Most of the people here might view this kind of friendship as a deviation from what the society sees as normal. I don't if it's also true in Western culture. Thank you for your advice. God bless.ย 

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Hey @vincent1996

Ah, great question. Yeah, it's completely normal. Everyone's friendships are different, but yeah, many best friends speak every day and there's nothing wrong with that. Some people can also go for a while without talking to their best friends, but once they get together, it's just the same again. How do you feel about people thinking that your friendship is a deviation?ย 

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