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    Points, Ranks and Badges

    Points, Ranks and Badges

    We have points, badges and ranks as a fun way to start discussions and get posting with tips, advice and questions. 😊 Your badges and ranks can be found at the top of your profile page and in the drop-down box underneath your username. 



    Points and Ranks

    With 16 ranks to win (from Lurker 🌚 to God Tier 🥳), you can gain points by participating in Community discussions, asking questions, writing blogs, starting new topics, and giving advice - the more points you win, the more ranks you rise! These are also a good way for our digital mentors to tell the difference between new members versus users who are super active (and who can win a spot on our leaderboard!)


    Ranks are shown in the drop-down box next to your username in the right-hand corner, where it will also say how many more points are needed for your next rank. Ranks are also displayed on your profile and below your username in all of your posts, so other users can see how hard you’ve been working to gain all those points.


    Like ranks, badges are based on your activity in the community and are also gained for posting content, creating blogs and starting discussions with other users. Whenever you receive a badge you’ll receive a notification and it’ll show on your profile. For a sneak peak of some of the badges you can gain, click here.  Your Badge Showcase is displayed on your user profile, on this page you may select up to 2 badges to be displayed below your avatar on all of your posts. You can do this by selecting the "Display my badges" button or through your Account Settings.




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