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    About our Community

    Our DTL Support Mentors & Staff

    A guide to Ditch the Label Staff Accounts

    In order to keep you safe and ensure that you can quickly recognise who an account belongs to, we have user badges for verified DTL accounts. 


    This badge is for staff members who aren’t trained mentors. This includes developers and content creators to community management and moderation. They monitor Community to keep you safe and make note of any feedback users make, so if you have any ideas on how we can improve our Community, flag it with one of our staff members. Comments and posts made by a Staff Member will have a colourful border in order to make their posts distinguishable. 


    These members are fully trained to offer advice and support and will be the ones most likely responding to your support requests and any threads that require advice and support. This group includes our team of counsellors, therapists, psychologists and other clinically trained staff. Comments and posts made by a Digital Mentor will have a colourful border in order to make their posts distinguishable. 


    These users are professional moderators and are trained to help keep our community a safe and welcoming space for everybody. A Moderator is your first port of call if you’re worried about a piece of content or user on Community, or are struggling to use a feature. A Moderator is not trained to provide specific advice and support, but they can help you use the community and features available. Moderators have a green username and a special Moderator badge. 

    How to spot a DTL staff member? 

    All DTL staff members and official partners use these badges and colour coded titles. 

    Our community is constantly moderated by our staff members, but if you require advice and support and your post has gone unnoticed, please flag this with one of our staff members and they will be happy to help. 

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