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Hey @byecurious Welcome to the Community. 👋

I am Daisie a Community Warden here on the forums, I ensure the forums remain a safe and positive place for all,  and I wanted to send you a warm welcome. 😃

We have Trained Digital Mentors on hand to offer support and advice, I wondered if you'd like to talk things through with one?  I'll tag them in so you know who they are and so they can reach out to you. @Blondie & @Aurora

If you need anything in the meantime, please just give me a shout. ☺️



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Welcome to the community

I am Apmoto

When it comes to Being Bisexual 

it can be difficult

at times for when you would like to date someone of the oposite gender

but one thing i would suggest is try to find ways in being confident

if you are not ready to date someone of the oposite sex

just give yourself


you being ready to date is like a flower blooming

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  • Digital Mentor
On 6/22/2022 at 6:29 PM, byecurious said:

Hey. I'm male and i am sure i have romantic attraction for both genders but I am not sure if i'm confident enough to date girls, what should I do?

Hey there,

Can you tell me more about your confidence around dating girls? Why is it you feel like you're not confident enough?


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