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I need a hug thread!


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Hi everyone,

I was thinking over my break if a thread where you come and say what’s going on for you and for others to react to let you know there thinking of you, so whenever you need a space to off load, you can come onto this thread and post about your issues and we’ll be here for you.


@Harper can this be pinned??

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4 minutes ago, _Leila- said:

Feeling rubbish. These medicines are horrible but helping. It’s awful I put myself through this.

Heyy @_Leila-, Sorry to hear that you're feeling rubbish. It's good to know that the meds are helping. 

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Can my mum just leave me alone please.

she’s saying how selfish I am making myself out because I called 999 for my safety . I don’t want help for this post but it’s me rambling.

so my mother has been frustrated because I have been told I will not be home for Christmas. My mum is calling me selfish because she’s alone now due to me being in hospital.

i replied saying bitch this isn’t my fault I’m in hospital . Paramedics took me in so why you blaming me. I don’t understand. Ages ago she had ago at me now this. I don’t get it.


no help for this thank you 😊 

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11 hours ago, Leila- said:

My mum is pissing me off get the fuck out of my life 😞

Hey Leila,

I'm sorry to hear about this. Remember, we have the confidential support option for when you need to speak with someone. Take care and speak soon.


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1 minute ago, whatamI? said:

Leila, YOU CAN DO THIS! And if you need a break from your mom ask other family members if you can stay with them. You will be 18 soon. DON'T WORRY! Have a hug.🫂

I’m 18 today, I’m in hospital so I’m not with my mum. Hugs

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