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    Whatsup Community! I'm Harper, the Community Manager here at Ditch the Label. I'm on hand to make sure our Community is a cool, positive space for all ❤️
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  1. Hi @poosheen, Thanks for your question! Im afraid we don’t allow anyone to share any third party contact details. This is just to keep you and everybody in the community safe. Really appreciate you checking first!
  2. Welcome to our community Poosheen! I know there are plenty of users with similar interests, so you've come to the right place!
  3. This is fantastic, I can imagine it must feel like a huge weight has been lifted and is a positive step forward for your relationship, glad you're able to be open with him!
  4. Howdy! You asked for an escape button and today we're delivering it! By default, it will show in the bottom right of your screen and when pressed will direct you to the Google homepage. You can also press the ESC key on your keyboard to instantly leave the website. We know how important your privacy is to you and hope you'll enjoy this new feature. You can change the location of the escape button on your screen, along with the website you're taken to in Account Settings. Massive thanks to developer Dave who pulled this together in such a quick timeframe! - Harper
  5. Usually a super successful developer or business person within the tech space!
  6. Hi @WinterPickles & @Asher - just letting you know that we've now rolled this feature out! Let me know your thoughts
  7. Aaaaaand we got a future tech leader right here @-echo-!
  8. So excited to have you here, welcome @Daisie!
  9. Introducing Community Wardens! As our community grows, so too does our commitment to keeping the forums a safe space and positive experience for all. In light of this growth and continued commitment, we are super excited to share the launch of our new Community Warden programme! Community Wardens are specifically trained in moderation and user safety. Unlike our Digital Mentors, they are not trained in delivering support. A Warden is your first port of call if you're worried about a piece of content or user on Community or are struggling to use a feature. Wardens are able to hide and lock content and issue polite notices and warnings to users as a way of ensuring that our Community Guidelines remain central to everything being talked about on Community. Identifying a Warden You can spot a Warden by their green username, along with the special Warden badge and signature (shown at the bottom of this post) that is displayed below all of their forum posts. Who are the Wardens We are currently piloting the Warden programme and are thrilled to share that our first Community Warden is @Daisie! As the Warden team grows, we'll be tagging all Wardens in this post. - Harper
  10. This community is designed to be a safe and welcoming space for any young person aged 12-25 or vulnerable adult (generally an adult with learning difficulties). Here you are welcome to talk about any issues that are affecting you in order to get advice and support. You can also talk about non-support related issues and topics that you are interested in. It doesn't matter where in the world you are located, our community is open to you. We cannot permit anybody, unless classed as a vulnerable adult, above the age of 25 on to our community. We are happy to signpost to other services for adults who require it. This is to ensure that our community remains a safe and balanced space.
  11. Good question! Ditch the Label is a global youth charity. We're here to support young people aged 12-25 to help them overcome some of the issues affecting them the most, such as bullying, mental health, identity and relationships. This support community is just one small part of the work that we do. You can find out more about us and other ways you can get support by visiting our About Us page.
  12. Aaaaaand the number is... 56 Congratulations @WinterPickles! I will DM you shortly
  13. Good day! We've just added a ton of new badges - head over to your profile badge showcase to see yours now. Personal faves have got to be the new Lunar Cycle one - which you get automatically once your account hits 28 days old and the Cake Day badge once your account hits 1 year old Enjoy!
  14. Howdy! If you are experiencing any technical issues or have a question that is specifically about using our community and the features, please post in this thread and we'll be able to help you. You'll automatically receive a notification when a staff member responds to your question. - Harper
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