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    Whatsup Community! I'm Harper, the Community Manager here at Ditch the Label. I'm on hand to make sure our Community is a cool, positive space for all ❤️
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  1. I'll start! I'm currently reading The Wim Hof Method (Super interesting if you're into health/wellness BTW)
  2. @Ghostie has gone AWOL but will be back real soon..
  3. Hi Lilly, Just spoke with Monsoon who has said they are already private messaging you. - Harper
  4. What kind of features would you like to see? Well spotted on the typo! Which are you talking about? We're also working on the first suggestion, so thank you!
  5. An update on Trigger Warnings: you can now choose to disable this feature and not see any trigger warnings if you so wish to. This can be done in your Account Settings.
  6. Harper

    Community Guidelines

    Just wrote a follow up post here, explaining why we have certain rules in place.
  7. Howdy! I've had quite a few questions about the sharing of social media handles and email addresses lately, so I thought it would be the perfect time to share a post outlining our policy and explaining why we have certain rules in place. We believe in the power of online safe spaces, and the most important thing for us at Ditch the Label is to keep you and our entire community safe. This is why we have mentors, wardens and Ditch the Label staff constantly reviewing and moderating content. Not only are we here to give you advice and support or to keep you entertained, but ultimately, we're here, as adults to keep you safe. Real Name and @Handles Our community is an incredible mix of awesome people gathered together to talk about the things they are most passionate about and to talk about the things they are struggling with the most. We recognise the importance of confidentiality, which is why we have private Confidential Support available outside of the public forums. For many, we know that talking about your challenges and passions in a public forum is okay but we encourage everybody to use a unique username that does not include their real full name or is used on any other platform or social network. This is to keep your posts confidential. Selfies We don't allow the sharing of selfies, largely to keep you confidential, but also because we believe that being fairly anonymous makes it easier to open up and talk about some difficult subjects. There are plenty of platforms that allow you to share selfies, but part of the magic in our community is that we do not. We know it's important to express yourself, which is why we allow you to use avatars and cover images on your profile. Private Messaging We do not allow user-to-user private messaging simply for the fact that we have no way of moderating these messages to ensure that they comply with our Community Guidelines and also to prevent many issues around bad people using our platform to contact people they shouldn't. You are able to message a mentor or member of staff and vice versa at any time. Personal Information Similarly, we don't allow the sharing of personal information, which includes, but isn't limited to: full name, email address, social media handles, phone number, school name, address, or anything else that could be used to identify you or contact you outside of our platform. We don't do this to be annoying, we do this to keep you safe. Whilst there is a lot of good online and positive uses of tech, there are also some pretty bad people out there who aren't always who they claim to be. Some people use online communities and social media with bad intent. We recognise that most, if not all, of our community members are nothing short of amazing, and we'd like to keep it that way which is why we strictly enforce this guideline. I know that nobody likes rules, but we set these guidelines for a reason. Our job is to keep you safe and to ensure that you get the best possible and most supportive experience from our community. Feel free to leave any questions below if you're unsure on anything, I'm always here to help! - Harper
  8. Howdy ! Just a super quick update from us - we've added a new link to your navigation bar that when clicked will take you straight through to a page showing you all of the latest posts, blogs and currently active conversations. You can access this page either by visiting forums.ditchthelabel.org/new or by hovering over the 'Forums' link in your navigation bar and then selecting 'New Posts'. Whilst you're there, if you haven't already - check out your Activity Streams; these pages are specifically built for you and have all of your content in one easy to access space. Enjoy! - Harper
  9. Howdy! Keeping our Community safe is at the top of our priorities here at Ditch the Label, so we are super excited to share that we now have 2 factor authentication available for all accounts. You can now either choose to receive a unique code via the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone, or receive a text message/phone call with a code whenever you login using a new device or update personal information, such as an email address or password. You can set up 2FA right now in your Account Settings. Note that both services are provided by third parties, each with their own Privacy Policies. Ditch the Label has no access to the information that you provide to either Google or Authy as part of the 2FA service.
  10. Points are the currency our platform uses to determine your rank!
  11. Hi all! The Pride 2021 badge was available in June 2021 and no longer available. The post has been updated to reflect this. Have issued you both the Pride 2021 badge as a gesture of goodwill @Star23 @Lillyrose4
  12. Thread closed as this post has been picked up on Private Message.
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