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  1. Harper's post in question for staff! was marked as the answer   
    Hi @poosheen,
    Thanks for your question! Im afraid we don’t allow anyone to share any third party contact details. This is just to keep you and everybody in the community safe. Really appreciate you checking first!
  2. Harper's post in are instagram reports anonymous? was marked as the answer   
    Hi Cloudzs,
    Worry not - Instagram reports are anonymous. The person you reported may know somebody reported them if their content is removed or account is blocked, but Instagram does not identify the person that reported them. You’re safe!
  3. Harper's post in Pronouns was marked as the answer   
    Hey Elise,
    Good question! Generally a pronoun is how somebody prefers to be referred. The most common are:
    He/Him usually for male identifying people She/Her usually for female identifying people They/Them usually for non-binary+ identifying people Some people choose to have multiple pronouns. For example, some drag queen performers use all pronouns. Some non-binary folk prefer to use they/them, but may also be fine with he/him for example. It just depends on the individual and how they prefer to identify. It is always important to respect however people choose to identify and having conversations about pronouns can be really supportive in cases where somebody has started a gender transition for example. 
    Does that answer your question?
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