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Dysphoria is a pain


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6 hours ago, Thisboiistrans said:

I hope you don't think I'm fishing fir compliments or pity but I need some form of validation.

I know I'm a trans guy but I dont pass and it sincerely bugs me.Β 

I know how that feels, we're both doing our best and we'll figure out how to pass at some point, in the mean time, we just have to try :)

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Just now, Thisboiistrans said:

Also I really wanna work out more but my college wont do PE unless you pick the course. I picked childcare German and " health and social care" (all one topic) for my coursesΒ 

Am I allowed to say this or?

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34 minutes ago, Thisboiistrans said:


Hey blondie can I talk to you in the inbox a second? Only if you have the time of course

Hey there,

Good luck for tomorrow! You can send me a message if you like?Β 


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10 hours ago, Thisboiistrans said:

@Emberfrost12Β  thanks mate I needed that

@sflowergirlΒ  Its me that said I didnt pass tbh. But thank you

when I am down and I am like really "blah" I say to myself "there will be better days ahead I just need to get through this one"

also I am always here to talk! so if you need to vent/talk to someone I am always here.

I cant really pretend to know what it is like in your situation but I am always here

πŸ’›Β  @sflowergirll

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2 minutes ago, sflowergirl said:

you know what thats is jut mean okayπŸ˜’ like "get with it peeps!!"

No it's from random strangers but it still bothers me. Like I get that they don't know bc wr haven't met but it still hurts

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you shouldn't have to get it. they shouldn't assume that is the problem with the world if I were to see someone I would not classify them into a gender if I didn't know them.

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