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Is this the worst that can happen to me at this age ? And was it actually my mistake and did I stir up this drama ?


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23 hours ago, Tangled said:

Yes, I understand your point and that's the only reason I bear with his nonsense.  He doesn't do it on purpose instead he is that way only. I mean he does this to everyone 🤷. If you let him know that something was hurtful from his side he instantly apologizes. He has clarity in his thoughts. He gives great practical advices and I get to hear a different opinion. He doesn't agree easily but questions till you present good level of evidence 😅. That's different from my other friends as they are very nice and say a yes to everything I do. So, sometimes he turns annoying else I'm ok.


It's really important to chose your friends wisely, and it sounds like you're definitely doing that which is great. Also, I can see what you said about having some bad things in your life that you cannot cut out. Can you tell me more about that, or are you talking about what is going on at home? 


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