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A lil confession and a Q and A if you have the time

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Just now, -Noah- said:


K so the powers are:

Pyrokinesis (The ability to control fire)


And I can fly of course ✨

The name is Ember

And for the suit, it's basically a basic black jumpsuit with a bunch of different buttons, that, when pressed, can either set the suit on fire (That wouldn't harm me since I can touch fire) shoot projectile objects, or anything else lol 



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2 hours ago, Thisboiistrans said:

Homework really that bad then?

sryyy it was really bad we will come on tomarow I had to do 50 math prpblems and memorize 96 spanish verbs etc... sryyyy!!!!!

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4 hours ago, sflowergirl said:

@Emberfrost12@Thisboiistrans @Leilaaaa 

heyyy sry my computer is all out of whack... lol so I WILL be on tomorrow for sure. I have been so busy with a lot of projects but I promise🤞 I am not trying to ghost anyone here

Fair enough 

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2 minutes ago, Thisboiistrans said:

But were both on right now so anyone wanna talk?

sure I thought I was being ignored it doesn't matter though

but do you want to go to the other place?

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