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What made you smile today? Let’s go!


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Starting a positivity thread so we can reflect on things that made us smile. 😊

Easy as that, say something that made you smile today. Whether it was something someone said to you, meeting a friend, colouring, a good day at school/uni or even walking the dog listening to music, or even eating a delicious cake…. literally anything goes! 

I will start us all off.

Something that made me smile today was singing happy birthday to a family member! 🎵🎂

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2 minutes ago, Harper said:

I love this! I started a daily gratitude diary 2 months ago and it has been transformative. Today I'm grateful for the atmosphere and vibe at Ditch the Label HQ 🎉

This is amazing! Love the idea of the daily gratitude book, I am sure it gives a time to really reflect on the positives within the day. 🙌🏻 

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Just now, quintus1 said:

what made me smile today: i heard a really good song and it made me want to dance!

Love this! What song was it? 😊


7 minutes ago, Lilly-Rose said:

let me tag some awesome users :) @Firefly 23 @Chabela @Blondie@BiShadow!23 @Monsoon here ya go Daisise :)

@Phantom @Blue22031

Ahh lovely thank you 🙏🏻

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