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  1. I hope everything goes ok
  2. my superpower would be to shock people with electric as lots of people tap me on the arm and it gets annoying or they say something about my height and if i shock them then they would leave me alone
  3. I would tell my younger self to not walk whilst looking at flowers as it will end up with you walking into a lamp post. (this happened to me lol)
  4. Blue22031

    Chat mega thread

    hi I'm good thanks just a bit bored. How about you?
  5. I've always wanted a pet rat but haven't got one. He looks cute from the picture
  6. being a ballet dancer doesn't mean you have to change yourself. Just be you. You are perfect
  7. Merci, these were really good tips I'll try it next time thank you!
  8. gosh I feel bad for you
  9. Blue22031

    Sad girl

    I've already talked to a teacher and they said to just ignore her. Also if something bad is going on in her life why do I have to deal with her nastiness? I'm not the one who's being mean or whatever in her life
  10. oof why do you have to sleep with her for 3 nights?
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