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    lonely and single lol
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    I'm bi, I'm a little bit like a goth. I love cosplay and sometimes for fun I cosplay some anime.
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  1. well if ik the bf personally I'd probably tell him but I don't so I'll keep it to myself for now
  2. I think it's getting worse probably because I'm getting flashbacks. I don't really know how to explain how i feel when I feel depressed, it's kinda like a big pit in my stomach and my head tells me that people hate me and don't want me in this world. I completely trust the person but I'm not completely sure how they would react to what i have to tell them as it's kinda triggering
  3. Blue22031

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    well im in a dress and im super cold
  4. Blue22031

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    yeah its so bland tho
  5. Blue22031

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    ok I got my lunch I'm eating a salad
  6. Blue22031

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    oh shoot I haven't had lunch yet lol
  7. Blue22031

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    I'm DYiNg Of BOrDom HelP
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    when the bladder calls you gotta go lol
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