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Introducing User Ranks and Badges!


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It's Update Time!

What a week! The sun is finally shining, lockdown is easing up and most importantly: we’re releasing tons of new exciting features to make your experience on our community even better! We’re so proud of the community that we’re building together and have really enjoyed reading your feedback over the past few weeks since we launched our new interface. We’ve also enjoyed hearing just how much our support has helped you and love to read the kind and open-minded posts you’ve been sharing with other users. We are constantly working hard to constantly improve our community and to make it as easy and as enjoyable to use as possible.

Today we are launching several new features! 🎉

Introducing User Ranks

Visit your profile or click on your username in the navigation bar and you'll see your user rank! We're introducing 14 different ranks based on your level of activity and participation within the community. Not only does this reward you with new features and shiny new badges, but it also helps users tell the difference between new members to our community versus users who are super active. Whenever you post, blog or even react to somebody else's content, you'll receive points which will determine your user rank. The more points you get, the higher your rank. For now, we have 14 different levels and over time, we'll be exploring add-ons to this system. Don't worry, we've looked at all of your previous activity on community and already awarded you points and determined your rank!

Your rank will display on your profile and below your username in all of your posts! 😃

Introducing User Badges

On your profile, you may have already noticed the new badge showcase - this is visible on all user profiles and you'll be able to earn new badges in so many different ways. Some badges will be based on your activity on community, others will be awarded individually by staff and we'll also be introducing some limited edition badges that can be earned through participating in competitions and events. Whenever you receive a badge, you'll receive a notification and it'll instantly show on your user profile. We're not going to spoil the surprise, so the criteria to achieving most of the new badges will be hidden. But for now, here's a preview:

badge-best-answer.png Best Answer Badge: automatically received if a response you post to a thread is marked as the Best Answer.

badge-hello.png Howdy Badge: automatically received after posting an introduction.

badge-AMA.png AMA Audience Badge: ask a question for a celebrity or special guest during an AMA session to receive this.

badge-gone-viral.png Gone Viral Badge: create a popular thread or blog to receive this.

badge-pride-3.png Pride 2021 Badge: anybody can request this badge! Just post a reply to this thread to receive yours.


Over the coming weeks, we'll be introducing even more features - including push notifications to your phone whenever somebody responds to your posts!


- Harper 😃


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  • Ditch the Label Staff
On 6/16/2021 at 3:27 PM, jake said:

omg im rockstar status already XD

Daaaaamn 🔥


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