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    I am lesbian, and I love cats AND dogs, books, and fuzzy socks! I am always seeking help about coming out!
    Have a nice day!
    Love, Star
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    She, her, hers
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  1. Star23

    Dear Ruth

    Dear ruth, you were loved by everyone. Especially me. I loved you so, so, much. I loved your smooth, soft feathers, your feathery feet, the way you waddled when you walked because of your poufy feathers. You were wider then you were tall. You were so cute. Your eggs were beautiful and so tiny, but so delicious. You put up with my horrible singing, and let me pet you. Sometimes I would bring you inside and feed you Uncle Sam's cereal. You used to love that stuff. You would pick out the seeds and leave the bran flakes. I hope you lived a good life and didn't suffer when you got taken by the eagles. I loved you Ruth. I still do.
  2. Star23


    I have many chickens, however where we live thee are a ton of eagles, and I have literally watched a chicken get ripped apart by 3 eagles at once. I tried to stop them. I couldn't. I failed. I just feel like only the ones that are named get eaten by eagles. Whenever a chicken dies, I just feel sad for a few days and don't want to hang out with people. I am wondering if maybe I should just stop keeping chickens because of the sadness they are causing. Like I have rescued a chicken from an eagle and its feathers were ripped off and it had a hole in its back from an eagle talon. I was kind of traumatized after that. What do you think?
  3. This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Blood/Graphic Description
  4. I don't remember a time when I have really been vulnerable. I've never really shared stuff like that. Also, the meme says "... I'm lesbian" and ha a picture of a cat because cats are awesome.
  5. Star23


    I only like my hair, it is a copper-y color and moderately long. I would say my face isn't too bad but it is really babyish.
  6. Cool! My school computer came with a pen to use and it is fun to use when drawing digitally.
  7. No problem! Also, unrelated but your status says I got rid of my artist's block and I was wondering how? I can't seem to find way.
  8. One of my friends... I think she is straight though.
  9. Yes, I relate a lot and I feel fat. Nobody has called me ugly, however, and people who said that should be ashamed. That is super rude, and you do not deserve that. Your boyfriend is right. And remember, many people feel the same and a therapist really helps you get past that kind of thing. You are not ugly.
  10. That is what I was relating, sorry I forgot to quote it the first time.
  11. Yes! Are you the only person in your family/friend group that is introverted? My whole family are introverts, but my friends not so much.
  12. Star23


    This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Mental Illness
  13. I think you are depressed... def can relate. I cry myself to sleep most nights.
  14. Hmmmm... https://bookriot.com/best-lgbt-fantasy-books/ That is a link to a list of LGBTQ novels! (I'm not sure about fantasy though)
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