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15 hours ago, TinyDinos said:

Thank you for all of the support! It went PHENOMENALLY!!! 🤩

and I made it through with only one panic attack! :D

the kids all did great and I’m super proud of myself and my sisters! There were several issues (the people supposed to open the building we were using no-showed us and we had to relocate last minute, start and hour later than anticipated, and switch from lappelle mics to handhelds bc of tech difficulties) but despite it all everyone performed wonderfully. 

im a little sad my friends didn’t show up though. One said she couldn’t make it ahead of time, one said she’s ask her parents if she could go but never got back to me and one said he could go and that he’d be there but also no-showed me without warning :(

anyways I’m proud of myself and I’m heading to the beach to get some well deserved rest ^-^

Checking In Mental Health GIF by Seize the Awkward


Wow, it sounds like you all did awesome, and I'm seriously proud of you and your sisters! Despite all the hiccups like the no-shows, tech issues, and last-minute changes, you all rocked it! Seriously, well done. I get that it's a bummer when friends bail on you, but don't let that overshadow your success. You killed it, and that's what matters most. Anyway, hit the beach now and take that well-deserved rest. 


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