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How do you cope with a mental health relapse?


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Hey TY!


Thanks for coming to us for help - we are here, and you're not alone :)


Before I can give you more useful advice, I could do with some more info. Is this advice because you think you might be relapsing? If so, do you mind telling me a little bit more about what you are thinking and how you are feeling? We can talk about this on message if you would prefer it to be private. Just let me know.


There are many ways to spot relapsing. It could be that you or the other person is having too much or too little sleep, stopping medication, being tense and nervous, withdrawing from friends and family, taking part in risky behaviours such as using alcohol and drugs, and becoming increasingly paranoid.


You can definitely help prevent mental health relapses from happening though! There are so many ways. It's important to make sure you have supportive people around you and learn about your condition/symptoms; this can be done by speaking to the professional who is treating you. You can ensure that you are managing stress which can be through a healthy diet, exercising and meditation. Also, for the person who is relapsing, it can be useful for them to have a think about what may be causing the relapse e.g. a bad relationship or job, and to then think of ways of improving or getting out of that situation.


I hope you find this advice helpful - I'm looking forward to your response so that I can help you out more.


Sending positive vibes -Monsoon :)


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Hey Ty! For us to speak about it privately, I need you to send me a message which you can do by clicking on my profile. If you could provide more detail then that would be great :). Hang in there! -Monsoon


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