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Songs i have written


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When i heard about this

Tragic incident I was heartbroken to 

Hear about the Texas Mass shooting.

{Pre Chorus}


I can't imagine how hard

It has been for the parents of those fallen children

To know that from the time they said goodbye and wished them a great day at school but they didn't know that it might be the last time they see their own child.

{Chorus 1}


I know losing your child

Or loved one can be devastating at times

But remember a time when you’ve spent with

Your child.

{Verse One}

Going through 

The Bridge of memories 

Can be good for when you

Missed them most.


{Verse Two}

Grief is a feeling that goes

Away over time but its like a patch

Is coming off.

{Chorus 2}


I know Losing your child 

Or loved one can be devastating at times

But remember a time you've spent with your child

{Verse Three}

In Tragic Times

Of Grief They 

Need a light to brighten 

Up their Paths.


I send my condolences

To those families of the fallen.

    {Outro}                       [Spoken]


Don't think of those negative moments

You had with your child 

but remember those good moments.



Waking up Saturday night 

putting on my life of the party clothes 

[Verse one]

Hanging out with my buddies

dancing until dawn.

[Pre chorus]


making the best of my time

with my friends before the clock's run out. 

of time.

[Chorus one]


Friends are important than

a bag full of money.

[Verse two]

Lets act as if were fools

laughing and having a memorable time.

[Verse three]

Having Friends are like there is magic in

them making us feel safe when things go wrong.

[Chorus 2]


Friends are important than a bag

full of money.


were shouting like we

dont care as we have fun.

 optional [Chorus 3]


Friends are important than

A bag full of money


Live your life the way

you want




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