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29 minutes ago, Thisboiistrans said:

Hey bestie if you've read my message to you earlier 

IGNORE IT I dont have to leave after all

Ok good to know!! Thank u. :)

Also sorry I haven't been posting lately; been a little busy

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1 minute ago, Thisboiistrans said:

Well dysphoria hit me hard today but I'm coping fine wbu


But like legit u r probably the most handsome guy out there so don't sweat it :)

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My brothers gf mistaken me for my brother yesterday so that was fun

I also told my niece that I was king of the castle and she bowed and went

"His royal highness how may I serve you" 

That was yesterday.



Dysphoria and feminine activities. Not forced bug I had no other option.

I had to wear a pink playsuit for the whole day cos of how warm it is.

You just gave me euphoria thank you so much I've been in bed most of the day cos of it

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And yes I told my mum

She was just skeptical about the whole social media thing and then kinda dropped it

Also she hasn't really made any progress on calling me by the correct name and pronouns soooooo. . .long ways to go there

Same old stuff

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She mostly just said that she didn't really trust people on the internet, as well as getting really nosy and into my personal space.  She didn't say anything directly about you, so ur all good. 

Besides, I don't care what she says - ur awesome no matter what!! <3

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