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Yeah, I get it

You go revise

Make sure to eat well, drink lots of water, make sure you feel ready for it and stuff.

Helps a lot, trust me!!

And yes study your head off

You'll do great!!

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Oh awesome about the beanie!!

Yeah. . . 

It is super hard on a daily basis

Honestly school these days. . .

I WOULD rather recite God save the queen than take everyone's comments behind my back at school

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Oh dang sorry about that

Been called a bunch of things today

I pretend like I don't care. . .

But it really feels like someone is trying to take a knife and carve me back into a girl that I never was. . .

It hurts. I feel your pain.

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It doesn't help that not one of the friends I was with said anything to help me


But when I told my other friends they were like

Who was it?!

Hugged me as I cried and stayed with me


I learned a lot about that today 

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I am so sorry I feel so rude for saying this but I really need to go soon. Gotta get this German done.


Thanks for all your support. I couldn't ask for a better friend.



Your virtual big brother 



Ps:rock on my dude

Awesome Rock And Roll GIF

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