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At what point do I get professional help?

soph ie    

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This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Self-Harm

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A few years ago I began to question my gender and sexuality, which hit me hard and gave me a lot of stress. Nothing too bad, but I was definitely in a lower mood than before. This improved a lot though when I talked to my friend about it. With the stress of the pandemic over the last few years, and sitting my GCSEs and this year my A levels, and now thinking about uni applications and my future, I have had even more stress. When talking to my parents and teachers, they reassure me that stress is normal and its fine to be anxious over exams and my future. But what is too much? When should I consider talking to a professional? I don't want to waste time, or take up a slot from someone who really needs it. I've never been suicidal, but have self harmed once. I hated myself afterwards and will never do it again. I do however find it very difficult to share this, and am not very good at talking to people. 

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Hey Sophie,

Thank you for sharing; I really appreciate that it can be difficult to talk about what's troubling you, but I really do think that a problem shared is a problem halved, and I'm glad you came to us. From what you've said, your stress sounds completely normal and expected given your situation, but I'm wondering, what is your gut feeling telling you? Do you think you would benefit from talking to someone professional about this? If so, then I think you have your answer there. 


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