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Relationship troubles I'm Bi

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I get support from this guy Ilike, he is Bi same as me and we fancy each other. Due to recent attacks on me I have not loved anyone since those because I felt scared and did not want to get hurt again so i did not listen to guys.

I am now thinking there is something about him I really adore, Maybe it's his cute face? He has peng teeth and His eyes are Blue like mine! I feel safe around him, When I self harm he cheers me up makes me feel secure and makes me smile. I nee advice should I ask him out?Β  He also is helping me through my investigation with the police due to 3 counts of abuse/attacks on me. I have never had this much love boiling inside me before, he's such a sweetheart.Β  I always want to leave here, but he makes me re-think he sits down and supports me, he makes me think of Layla and Teddy and he stops me from leaving, even though at the time I really wanted to leave.Β  any help please? @Blue22031

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16 hours ago, Lillyrose4 said:

She comes home in 2 hours. I am needing to tell him but scared to get hurt 😞 all my relationships have been abusive 


I just.want you to now that we are here for you and will continue to message you through the private support option. Speak soon.


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7 hours ago, Alliexo said:

Hey, how did it go?

it’s hard when you feel like that. You definitely deserve a kind person like him... have you tried hinting to him how you feel? See how he reacts and if you would like to push it further.

just in hospital with my daughter so cant tell him yk

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