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I feel like giving up on my passion


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today in school we were working on a project were we had to draw I had to draw a foot ball and spent nearly the whole hour trying to get the right shape and texture, the whole hour drawing tiny circles to get the right texture another kid in my group had to draw a tennis ball and did realistic shadow shading and every one else in my group decided to start to "blend" my circles ( smearing the led all over) right in front of me and the kid who draw the tennis  ball told me that I cant draw and that digital art ( the only kind he has seen me do as I have not brought my sketch book to school) is not real art and I have always struggled with thinking my art is bad and am currently dealing with and artists blocks  and now I am not sure I can draw again 

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Hey @Saphira

I'm sorry that you're doubting your ability at the moment. When we feel like we aren't that good at something, we rely on compliments from other people to make us feel better. However, this can then mean that when we get negative feedback, we interpret this as us not being good which can be really demotivating. I think it's always good to try and find that validation from yourself, but I know it's easier said than done. I think that with drawing, there is always room for improvement, and it can be good to set yourself some goals to get better. What do you think? You will then be able to see yourself getting better and this might make you realise your strengths more as an artist. Also, maybe you can compare some of your work now to some from the past to see how far you've come. Speak soon 🙂


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