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    Hi, I am bi, 14, and love to read ( especially Wings of Fire and anything by Rick Riordan), draw ( mainly dragons), care for my pets ( Odin and Zeus leopard geckos, Bolt the bull frog, Crumbs the hamster, Osiris the toad and Duckin, Patch and Midnight the rats, and play Dungeons and Dragons. I am from the USA
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  1. I made a tiny one and a half inch tall tree out of wire and beads
  2. Well in a situation like that it is impossible to know for sure but if you can tell us why ( if you know ) he is like that it might help us do our best to help you
  3. To do artwork I find inspiration from book the natural work and animals as well as mythology and to post artwork on here I use the blogs
  4. Thanks but I am honestly not very brave even though I knew my parents would support me I almost chickened out last minute in my opinion you are brave for sharing you story with us and asking for help that was honestly my biggest problem I also have some more advice if you have a friend you can tell that you trust that will help take a lot of your shoulders and be a good first step to telling your mom
  5. All of the advice that I can offer is you will know the right time to come out and anyone who doesn’t support you are crazy as even though I don’t know you I can already assume that you are a nice and good human being
  6. Today I upgraded my toad to a fully bio active ten gallon tank from a 12”inch cube his new tank has live plants and isopods I plan to eventually get an anole or another toad to live in the tank as well
  7. I am glad you like it the gecko part was actually modeled after my leopard gecko Odin
  8. @MoonieOwl here is you geckolotl all rights go to you to do with it as you please but if asked who drew it just give credit to ArtemisArt
  9. I am doing this because @MoonieOwl gave me the idea of there are any magical creatures or animals (no humans or human like beings please) you would like me to draw just give me a description of said creature and I will do my best to draw it this will also help me practice art more during the school year as well as give me inspiration which I too often lack and you will be allowed to use the drawing for whatever you want you can also give me a preferred media, charcoal, digital, sketch, traced sketch, and full color drawing! I hope you consider this as this is something I would love to work on, however I would like if you don’t claim you did the drawing yourself it’s not that I think anyone would but I feel better not needing to say it and saying it, than not saying it and needing too. All of my work will be signed with ArtemisArt2021 (or whatever year it is at the time) and if you want more pictures of paper pencil art then just ask and I will take them ( depending on how many people like this I might designate a blog to requests please put any requests in the comments of this post until I decide on what to do )
  10. Oh my gosh you guys like Avatar the Last Airbender too that is AMAZING
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