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Coming out

Yur sloth Gurl    

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Hey @Yur sloth Gurl

Welcome to our community 🙂

Sorry to hear that you're scared to come out to your parents - it's pretty common to feel this way and it's so easy to build it up. I've supported a lot of people who feel like this, and they often say that it was totally fine when they came out despite feeling so scared. Can I ask, do you feel ready to come out to them? Just remember that it's totally okay to wait and you can do this at your own pace. 

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On 8/3/2021 at 9:14 PM, Yur sloth Gurl said:

Hi I am bisexual and I am scared about coming out to my parents if anyone has suggestions that would be great!😄

Hey @Yur sloth Gurl I'm just checking in with you to see how you're getting on. 🙂 


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I've been questioning my sexuality for quite some time now... i don't don't if im Bi or gay and ive had a boyfriend in the past ... i also realized that i like to spend my time more with women than men... i get all excited when i talk to women more than i do talking to men..........i don't know if im Bi or not but ive been questioning my sexuality for a few years now ive told my parents but they didn't believe me...........the only way i know that i might be Bi is that i recently had a boyfriend and we slept in the same bad and well he wanted to have sex with me but i didn't want to i told him i needed time to be ready for sex and he became impatient and i had to break it off with him... for me i dont want to sleep with just anyone... i first want to get to know that person and then if we both feel like it to have sex(like a natural thing)… i also like to play with my hair or smile a lot around women more than men ,i feel like I'm forcing myself to be beautiful and look good or just talking  around them and around women it just comes natural,  I can be more myself around women then around men.... is it strange can someone give me some advice.

Recently i had a friend over a women … I don't like her or anything and she has a boyfriend...…..but the way i was acting around her..... it felt natural(let my hair down...flirting, laughing, joking, being relaxed if it was a man i would watch my words and i wouldn't know what to say or how to act ;........ everything feels so natural when it comes to women...im I gay or bi or straight can someone give me some advice...…

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