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  1. that is true i always try to plan my life and it is so frustrating .........i will take thing down a note:) an dgo at a pace that im comfortable with i feel like i always have to plan everything and then just see how things turn out sometimes without thinking to much and just going with the flow.........i will go at a pace with doesnt stress me too much since my life is mostly a rollercoaster and no rest:))
  2. yes its because many new changes have happened in my life especially my sexuality change i dont yet want to admit that im Bi or gay but its 50% chance that I might be and the other 50% is just me in denial of what i really im, also trying to do things that make me happy and my parents want me to do what life asks of you and my self discovery is always how to say blocked or not fulfilled 100%, i dont know how to deal yet with my new sexuality and new hobbies that ive started(movie editing and creating movies and dancing and learning japanese which is hard but i want to speak the language so:)) ) and i like them since i denied my whole self as a person for a long time
  3. i am wondering if its normal to not know who you completely are as a person I feel like I am continuously trying to discover who I am as a person....... im always having a hard time trying to find things that i like or even do things that i dont like to make others happy... i always think about others happiness and never about my happiness and what i want to do.... what should i do to figure out what type of person i am i mean discover myself as a whole
  4. I use twitter for looking for posts regarding my favorite show called Lucifer .... but other than that i feel like twitter is very trolling and aggressive to other type of comments for certain type of people
  5. hmm. would chose telepathy .... just thinking that i could read or to say that i can hear peoples thoughts now that would be epic:)
  6. l might be Bi or gay how do i go about it when it comes to accepting this reality... my parents dont believe since i told them about my sexuality but I've dated men before and it didnt feel right and i like talking and spending my time with women more. Is it a bad thing to be Bi or gay as a woman............. my parents took it as a joke the first time I told them but if i seriously admit to them that I'm into women i don't think they would accept this and I'm confused myself about my sexuality for a few years now....... I might be in denial about my sexuality what do i do to truly accept the way I am Member 1 n...im I gay or bi or straight can someone give me some advice...…
  7. Hey hello my name is Laura and im here to discover myself as a person, make friends and find out what my sexuality is
  8. I've been questioning my sexuality for quite some time now....... i don't know if I'm straight anymore and I don't think I ever was..... but how do you realize that your Bi or Gay
  9. I've been questioning my sexuality for quite some time now... i don't don't if im Bi or gay and ive had a boyfriend in the past ... i also realized that i like to spend my time more with women than men... i get all excited when i talk to women more than i do talking to men..........i don't know if im Bi or not but ive been questioning my sexuality for a few years now ive told my parents but they didn't believe me...........the only way i know that i might be Bi is that i recently had a boyfriend and we slept in the same bad and well he wanted to have sex with me but i didn't want to i told him i needed time to be ready for sex and he became impatient and i had to break it off with him... for me i dont want to sleep with just anyone... i first want to get to know that person and then if we both feel like it to have sex(like a natural thing)… i also like to play with my hair or smile a lot around women more than men ,i feel like I'm forcing myself to be beautiful and look good or just talking around them and around women it just comes natural, I can be more myself around women then around men.... is it strange can someone give me some advice. Recently i had a friend over a women … I don't like her or anything and she has a boyfriend...…..but the way i was acting around her..... it felt natural(let my hair down...flirting, laughing, joking, being relaxed if it was a man i would watch my words and i wouldn't know what to say or how to act ;........ everything feels so natural when it comes to women...im I gay or bi or straight can someone give me some advice...…
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