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How do I tell my parents I'm Bi-Sexual??

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I believe that you should find an intimate space , tell her your bisexual and then explain what being bisexual means . Some parents don't accept easily , and if that is the case , just know she will accept eventually our of love . Tell me how it goes 🙃🙃🌻🌻🌻🌻🌈🌈

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13 hours ago, Monsoon said:

Hey @Megan FR

Thanks for asking us about this. I think that @Xany made a really good point about how some parents don't accept easily, but that most of them eventually do out of love 🙂 

Can I ask, how did she take the hint that you made? 

welll, it was a bit awkward 

she aked if i was hideing something..

All i could say was im not ready to tell...  But i mean my dad is compleatly against it he says were  to young to understand this stuff.....

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Hey @Megan FR

It's okay that you're not ready to tell. People often feel the pressure to tell people right away, but if you're not ready, then it's totally fine to wait 🙂 

I've helped a lot of people in your situation before, and parents can often turn around around and say that you're too young to know. However, there really is no age limit on this kind of thing, and if you know, you know. If they think it's a phase at the beginning, then that's on them to figure it out, and they will see that you are being serious as you'll stick to your word and show them that you know your truth. What do you reckon?


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