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  1. I don't think I have . But most people know I'm not hetero . I first came out as lesbian at a very young age , I was 11. They said it was a phase and I believed them. Starting high school I realised it wasn't but I was more confused on what it was since I would just get crushes on almost anyone.
  2. Xany


    I completely like James , great name. Most trans people change their name and it's entirely fine , it's being true to yourself. Have you spoken to your parents about you being trans ?. They could legally change your name to James . But if they are not supportive , I completely understand , not all parents are . But I'm here for you
  3. Hey , I'm Xaney . I have been having difficulties with understanding my sexuality , I though I was . I recently discovered that I am Pansexual . I don't know anyone who is pansexual or queer . Making friends would be awesome
  4. I'm asking on behalf of my male friend
  5. What do we call someone who is sexually attracted to girls and feminine males or genders
  6. I have heard the term asexual , I first thought I was . Now I don't it . But as you said , I will just give it time
  7. I believe that you should find an intimate space , tell her your bisexual and then explain what being bisexual means . Some parents don't accept easily , and if that is the case , just know she will accept eventually our of love . Tell me how it goes .
  8. Hey , I have had similar experiences . The way the girl addresses your partner is because he has let her . If he has told her to stop and she continued , he probably said " my partner does not like how you address me" , making the girl feel that he doesn't have a problem and it's only you who is bothered. And there is nothing irrational about what you wanting to end the relationship , just try to communicate with him again about this , or tell him to block her
  9. I do feel sexual attraction , and it's very little . Most often it's not there
  10. Hi . My name is Xaney . I'm a senior high school student . I have been having difficulties understanding my sexuality . Since I was age 10 I realised that I liked girls , my first relationship was with a.female and I had genuine feelings . When I started high school I developed an interest in boys. I then started to believe that I might be heterosexual. When time started to pass I realised that I did not have a problem dating any gender . Since my first relationship I have been dating boys. After some time I realised I have a lack of sexual interest in any gender though I crave romance and I'm a hopeless romantic .I initially thought I was Bisexual now I'm torn apart. Advice please !! . What is my sexual orientation
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