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Lately I've been over burdened with the weight of living up to expectations. Without going into too much detail I just got a new job after royaly getting screwed over by my last job that I've worked at for a decade. Needless to say, the aftermath involved me losing a lot of friends I considered family, but my circle became smaller and I grew even closer to the ones that made it out with me. So what's my problem? Lately things have just been going too right I guess, and after facing months without a steady income, skipping bare necessities, and relying on others I feel like any minute this could all fall apart again. I try my best to keep my emotions in line, but I constantly feel reminded that everything you work for could just be stripped of you any minute. It burdens me with deep depression that I never discuss with anyone, and in the end I'm left putting on a face just to come back to the reality at the end of the night. I hate being a burden in general to anyone, and I have every intention to get back on my feet time and time again. But sometimes I feel it's only getting harder and harder to wake up and resume this repetition. What do you do whenever you feel trapped inside this corner financially & mentally

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Hey @Fay

Welcome to our community. I'm one of the digital mentors here and I give advice and support to people who reach out to us. Thank you for explaining your situation to me. I'm glad to hear that you have got a new job after having a hard time in your last role. I just want to thank you for opening up to us about your depression and how your experiences have impacted your wellbeing. I just want you to know that you aren't a burden and that you can speak to us at any time. 

It sounds like you faced a lot of negativity for a while which no doubt impacted you. Now, things seem to be more on the up. To go from all that negativity to the positivity is quite tricky - it's like acclimatising to a hotter country than you lived in before hand - do you know what I mean? It can be uncomfortable and we can find ourselves having difficulty trying to adjust to our new 'climate'. Can I ask, when you say 'what's my problem', what do you mean by that? I wonder, do you think there might be a different way to look at the more positive situation that you now find yourself in?


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