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Middle child syndrome


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hey... so i am the middle child of the family as you can see in the title, i have an elder sister and a younger brother. 2 siblings who go together so well whereas here i am, damn lonely with no one to talk to. i rely on my friends who lately seem to be slipping out of my life. am i suffering from middle child syndrome?

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Hey @notearslefttocry


Sorry to hear that you're feeling lonely atm. It's perfectly normal to feel that way when your other two siblings get on together so well. I'm curious to know, what do you mean by middle child syndrome and what makes you question if you have it or not? Also, what's going on with your friends who seem to be slipping out of your life? I know from my own experiences that feeling like friends are slipping away usually means that the friendship just needs a bit of attention and effort to get it back to where it was. Btw, you might wanna take a look at this: https://www.ditchthelabel.org/feeling-lonely-during-lockdown-read-this/


Speak soon :cool:


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