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Mobbing from neighbours etc


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I am living in students dorm, but I am not student. But dormitory administration took people, who are not students-I saw few others.

My probelm is that : my neigbours hitting and knocking my walls. it started like this that they knocked from both sites and other people started to speak about me under my window.

The problem is, that due to my mental health question, when I see new person I close my eyes or make them small-like I can not see. So they saw it and later they spoke about me under my window: that they want I see, then they even spoke "I am sick", and other stuff. Ivery time when I planning relax, they start to hit wall, now only from one side. I did not slept because of this 2 times like for around one week.


The thing, it this is chain of dorms in this city. And in beginning when I moved in, administration also spoke about me under my window, firs day administration said that "she is here now" and they said "I should behave good"? But I even did not seem so strange. Then 2 times cleaners of my room they opened my box and took one thing. I need to go out, when they cleaning room. Later they spoke about me those cleaners in hall like "she cant see, she have something with eyes".


And lately I was very stressed, becasue they hit wall even at 8 at morning and I was upset all day.

I want to write administration, to change to other dormitory, but I do not know should I? Because I am living here only 2 months and I moved before a lot in this city, cause I am foreigner and its diffiuclt to find living place. I lived in shared apartments, but they never fit, because people want there to talk in kitchen and I always had my own plans and actually also I have kind of social anxiety.


For me is very important to get good living place, but I do not know how it can be in other dorm and when I can get it.

I think my situation requires moving to other dorm, becasue when cleaners need to clean my room I always stress if they take my food for example, last week I needed to hide berries and nuts in closet, because for closet I bought some cheap lock.

I also do not have any support from parents etc.

And I am afraid, that if I choose to move, it can be stress for me, but if I stay here it may be better, but I do not know how? because here I even thought to buy camera for case cleaners coming to my room.

Administration and cleaners can enter my room, when they have some duty-like to change bulb etc, but I can not be sure, that they not eneter when I am not here.

I am also afraid, if I go to other place, then there becasue of my social anqiety what after all now is very bad, people will see my mental helth question and they can again make something to me...or even refuse to me any apartment etc.

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Hey MissGold,


Thanks for coming to us for support; we are here to help you through this :)


I'm sorry to hear that you've been having a tough time in your new student dorm. Students can be quite loud and disruptive, so I can imagine that living with them as a non-student is quite frustrating. I do think that it would be helpful for you to write to the administrators and explain your situation. You could ask to be placed somewhere else because of the affect on your mental health. Maybe they could put you in a quieter dorm, or even on your own? This might help you a lot. It's perfectly okay to ask, and you won't know if you don't look into it. I hope they will be able to help you out - what do you think?


Can I ask, are you doing alright at the moment? It sounds like you're struggling with your mental health and I just want to check if you're getting the support you need from family, friends, and even professionals if necessary? We care about your safety here at DTL and we want to make sure that everything is okay for you. Why don't you have a read of our support articles around mental health? They might be helpful for you:







I'm also wondering what things do you do that help your mental health at the moment? It's always good to remind yourself of them and do them more during times of need. Anyway, let me know what you think of all of this - we hope to hear back from you soon.




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