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Social Anxiety???


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I feel nervous and anxious and on edge all the time. I feel frustrated all the time that I feel this way and sometimes my face will get red at random times even in front of friends and family and I always have a fear that it will happen and if it does I will feel embarrassed. I feel like I cant act myself because of this. Im hoping someone else has gone through this or has gone through this. I feel like I cant talk to anyone about it because it might sound weird or not severe enough or something like that.

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Hey there. Thanks for coming to us for support. We are here to help you through this and you are not alone :)


I really hear that you're caught up in this anxiety. I can see that it's getting to you and that you feel embarrassed when it happens. I have also experienced social anxiety and I know how you feel right now. I didn't tell anyone for years, but when I did, even just telling people helped. I told one friend that I hate awkward silences and they understood, so now I feel less scared of the awkward silences with them.


Pushing my comfort zones was a big help for me. For example, if I felt anxious about a social event, I push myself to do it and that makes me feel better. Another tip that I've used is to ask myself 'Why am I so anxious about this?' - I then write down the potential reasons and think about the likelihood of them happening. Even by writing it down, this gives the anxiety less power in my mind and it makes me think that my worries can be overcome.


Btw, you might find these support articles helpful for your social anxiety:






I'm curious to know what you do at the moment to help your anxiety, and what you think you could do to reduce it? Let me know what your thoughts are on what I’ve said.


Hang in there! You're doing great.



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Thank you im going to check outs the other posts you linked!


And when im feeling anxious I try to meditate in the mornings and I journal to write my feelings down because its almost like having a conversation with myself because Im scared to say something to anyone else.

I try not to think about it to much because I know it will just make it worse but I always feel like theres little triggers (people staring at me or if I feel eyes on me, someone sitting to close and talking to me, the attention is on me, saying something embarrassing or something someone doesn't understand)

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Hey :)


Do you find that the meditation helps? A lot of people do relaxation techniques before they are about to do something nerve-wracking which would be a social situation in your case.


I know what you're saying about trying not to think of it, but sometimes, when we tell ourselves to not think about something, we end up doing it more. There is a lot of power in accepting your anxious feelings about something. When we accept them, we can become more comfortable with them and get on with things easier.


Also, let me know what you think of the support guides. I think a really good way to help anxiety is to talk to the people close to you. Feeling understood and accepted by your nearest and dearest is a powerful technique in itself :)




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