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Scared to feel it again


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My name is Sophie and I struggled a lot with my mental health. It started two years ago, I would sometimes feel very sad for no good reason. Those sometimes, became most of the times and it got to a point I didn't want to live anymore. That is exactly one year ago. I got help back than and I worked really hard to have a good life again. I had a lot of ups and downs, but overall I was doing much better. But here it comes. I am not sure why it is, maybe because of the virus and being alone with all of my thoughts, but I have a lot of flashbacks and feelings of how I felt a year ago. And I am not sure what to do with that, because I am scared I will have a relapse or something.

That was it, Thank youu

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Hey Sophie,


Thanks for reaching out to us. We are here to support you through this; you're not alone :)


When you say you're having flashbacks, I'm wondering, are you starting to feel like you don't want to live anymore? If so, please know that it's understandable to feel this way, especially with the situation we are all facing. Please let us know if you are safe or not. We really want to let you know that you are not alone.


We support Monday - Friday, 9am - 5.30pm (BST) via our community https://www.ditchthelabel.org/community/ and there are more options below:


UK: The Samaritans - 116 123 (This is a 24/7 service)

USA: NSPL - 1-800-273-8255 (This is a 24/7 service)

This link will give you a list of all crisis lines worldwide: https://www.befrienders.org

*You can also call your doctor or go to any emergency department and ask for help.


I'm glad to hear that you got help in the past and started to have a good life again. For anyone who struggles with their mental health, it's normal to have those ups and downs. I know this is frustrating from my own experiences; I know that it can feel like you're relapsing when you're feeling down. It can really help people to try and accept that this is a journey filled with ups and downs. If you come to expect them, you might manage them better.


Also, the coronavirus situation and being in lockdown really is getting to a lot of people. This makes it harder for those who already struggle with mental health as many will feel like they are alone. I wonder, what are some of the things you're currently doing or have done to help your mental health? It sounds like the right time to maybe get back in touch with those things. Also, you might find this helpful: https://www.ditchthelabel.org/improve-mental-health/


Let me know what you think of all this.


Speak soon and stay safe,


- Monsoon


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Hi Monsoon,


Thank you for replying and being so concerned. I am save and I'm doing much better now than a few days ago. A thing that helped me a lot was to think about something I look forward to. That I always had a reason to wake up. And with all of this going on I sometimes have trouble finding that reason. Another thing that helped me a lot was journaling, and I haven't done that in a while. That could also be a reason why I'm not feeling my best. But right now I have hope, thank you and thank you for being so concerned.

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Hey Sophie. Really great to hear that you're safe :). Thinking about the things you're looking forward to it deffo a good idea. Do you think you'll start journalling again?


Remember that we are always here for you. You're not alone!


- Monsoon


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