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I am lonely and need a friend


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I am currently goong through a depressive time in my life, and feel desperately lonely. I feel so ashamed to be looking for friends online, because it makes me feel needy and pathetic to not be able to find friendships in real life. I have been bullied for a long time and it really affected my self esteem and caused me to want to please others around me so that I would be accepted. I am trying to learn to love myself and realise the importance rtabce of standing up for myself and standing out for things that are important to me. However, I cannot change my bad habits alone and need someone to keep me accountable. I also love connecting with others, so having someone to talk to realy helps me.

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Hello @blue99,


Welcome to our community, there is absolutely no shame in making friends online. Some of my best friendships started online as you can connect with people from all around the world that share your same interests and similar morals.


I'm sorry to hear you are feeling lonely. It is a common feeling for a lot of us, especially when we leave school and our friends aren't around us every day so you are not alone. Bullying can have such an effect on your self-esteem but it's so important to remember that it was never your fault, not then and definitely not now.


Self love is a long old journey so well done for starting, i'm happy to be there for the steps along the way. What are some of the bad habits you would like to work on?


What are some things you like to do for fun?






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