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I'm struggling. Struggling with anxiety, struggling with depression, struggling with everything. I feel so overwhelmed all of the time and I dont know what to do. I tey and put on a mask and just push through but things are getting really difficult. I have been working with my doctor and therapist to try and get regulated but it seems that nothing is working and everything is falling apart. I have been waking up in the middle of the night in full blown panic attacks... I had another one yesterday with my therapist. Its always hard because I have a mental illness that we jusg cant seem to get under control. I have tried almost everything.... and even though there are days that i seem fine and everything feels alright... the lows are getting lower and lower... i feel like im drowning in all of this. I have been working for years to be better but at this point I am unsure they ever will be better... so whats the point... idk sorry this probably seems dumb... idk

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Hey zoey. I understand what you’re going through. I know that it seems like there is no end in sight but life is constantly cycling and changing and this is just a portion of your life. I struggled for 4 years before I got help and it took a year and a half more before I got better. It takes time and healing is something that sucks but in the end is worth it. I’m glad I stuck it out and kept trying and eventually gave in to medication and I did everything I possibly could to fix things. You’re already half way there, you spoke up and got help but now you just have to battle it out and fight the depression and anxiety and find a better support system and maybe try and new therapist and maybe if you haven’t already try seeing a psychiatrist and look into meds. You aren’t alone at all.

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Hey @Zoey15

I’m so sorry to hear that you are struggling with your mental health right now.


You are working so hard and that is proof that you are fighting this every day and maybe right now just surviving is enough, I know you want to improve the quality of your life but working with doctors and your counsellor and trying some tools to manage your mental health means that you are already steps on the way to the journey of feeling better.


Do you keep a mood journal to track how you feel day to day? This is something that helped me, some days I could just right 9 am - 7/10 Nervous and it would just help me track my moods. What are some other strategies your counsellor has given


I understand you feel like you are drowning, and it is never stupid to reach out to people about your mental health, ever! I think you sound like an incredibly strong person, keep going because this too shall pass, I can’t promise when, but things will get better.


Thanks, @Quinn675 for sharing some great advice with us too. I think medication should always be talked through with a trained professional, personally, I prefer talking therapies but it is everyone's choice.


We are here for you if you need us.



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