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I play handball and the thing is that I can't get myself to do anything on the field.


Maybe this is hard to understand if you don't play handball, but maybe you understand better if I say that I am afraid of doing something wrong in front of my team, parents, and friends. I get very nervous before every match. I don't get much time on the field, because I don't go against the goal.


I am probably afraid of my team for what they will say, and I am afraid because I hear what others say about others. I am afraid. And I really don't know if I should quit the sport or try a different team. I get sad after every match because I just don't believe in myself, and I am afraid.


Can someone come with tips to have I can stop being afraid of everything and everyone?



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Hey Rosalina,


Welcome to Community!


Okay, so, I used to play both hockey and netball at school and used to have this feeling a lot. Really you are all a team so everyone wants the same goal at the end of the day which is to win! You are only as strong as your weakest player. From what you have said it sounds like it's your fear to fail that's preventing you from bringing your best game, it is natural - in fact, it's adrenaline coursing through your body preparing you for the match.. Nerves before a big game are totally okay but let's try and work on how to channel them into the gain instead of into your anxiety.


I would suggest to do a short breathing exercise before every match (top athletes do this a lot) it can be as simple as three long deep breathes (In for a count of 6, hold for a count of 2 and then breathe out for 6 counts). This will hopefully calm your nerves and bring you into the right headspace. As for other people talking about you as I said earlier, everyone's main aim in sport is to succeed and so comments around the way a team member plays only exist on the court - there is no meaness meant. (This is in my experience, people get swept up in the competitiveness of it all...


Do you enjoy playing handball? Could you have a chat with your captain and say you are feeling a little anxious but really want to play with the team.


Finally there is no shame in admitting something isn't for you, so if you do want to try something else then go for it... netball is super fun :)


Hope some of this helped you Rosalina,


Remi x

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