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My board and skate resources that helped me


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Hey guys! My board is an Element board, 8.25 Peanuts x Element collab. I have Grizzly grip tape on top. My trucks are also made by Element (they are very heavy) and my wheels are Ricta clouds, 86 durometer, 54mm

I made it when I was 15 but only started skating it when I was close to 16

So far my experience with it is pretty solid, the board was quite heavy which definitely takes getting used to and the pop is a bit worn which both of these things makes it harder for tricks that require height and pop but it hasn't broke yet which is great!

Some skate resources that helped me the most was Skatepark lessons with JB, he has fantastic breakdowns to doing tricks and shows you the best ways to learn and bail

Also SKATEIQ is dope for bowls and vert skating (I don't skate either but some of the skills are transferable which is really helpful!)


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