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A piece of my novel


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“Ready?” Marco asked her as she finished stripping down to her underwear.

“Yeah.” She replied, brushing off the fact that he was staring at her and blushing.

As he led her down the hall to the bathroom, Amber went to grab some candles. Carolina wasn't sure if this was an exorcism or just cult stuff but they seemed to know what they were doing so she didn't ask questions. 

Once Amber returned with the candles, Marco helped her get them all lit, Carolina lowered herself into the tub, trying not to let the cold bother her as she shivered uncontrollably.

“Thank you,” Amber said, and glanced at her as Marco finished lighting the candles. “For doing this for us.”

Carolina was too cold to speak so she nodded stiffly. They exited the bathroom and as they were leaving Marco glanced at her. “You are a very extraordinary person, Carolina.” He turned the lights out and shut the door.

Carolina sat in the darkness, wondering if Marco had developed a crush on her. She brushed the thought away and closed her eyes, letting her head rest in the water leaving only her face above the surface to breathe. 

Then there was nothing.


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