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I want to make a few things clear

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Ok I need to say this because I donโ€™t want people taking my posts the wrong way. I in no way shape or form need or deserve any kind of sympathy or pity I am not human, please remember that. I have done terrible things in life and would only like a push in the right direction. The things Iโ€™ve gone through on life I do not see as traumatic but rather a punishment for my inhuman ability to feel emotions and for not being a human being. I am open to answering questions but I do not want sympathy or pity thank you for reading and understanding.

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hi there,

I just want to say this, you will disagree with me but hear me out.ย 

Wr all go and do things we think that makes us a bad person but, you do deserve to be cared and to have support. i understand where you're coming from but you do deserver kindess/ i am sorry you feel so harsh about yoursellf and i am sending you my love & hugs. always here if you need somebody to talk to. <3


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