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social anxiety and agarophobia


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hi. so basically i have social anxiety and agarophobia. i was diagnosed with a few other things (every doctor diagnosed me with something else but i'm sure about these two) but i'm here to ask - do you all have any excersises that i could do? my therapist told me that i shouldn't overdo myself and start with small things.

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Hey Aleksy!


It's incredible you're looking for support-- I can tell you want to live your life to the fullest!


We have a couple articles that might be helpful. The first is on anxiety:




This next is our article for supporting social anxiety:




This last one is a very helpful one-- reducing stress is crucial for success and healing. Especially around breathing techniques, if you can slowly develop a routine to calm your breathing when you're feeling anxious, then you can be more prepared for activities that make you more anxious! Also, a helpful thing is always having a way to leave a situation-- maybe by saying "sorry, I need to step out for 5 minutes", so you can rebalance.




Let us know if these are helpful!




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Hi there, I two have social anxiety and can relate a bit to your situation. Little exercises I do is to soemtimes write down what I'm struggling it and three things I can do to at least try and work through the situation. Doing a mediation helps me too. I'm currently doing therapy too well again, trying to sort it out. May I ask what keeps you going with ur therapy and with social anxiety ?



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Hey Melanie,


Great advice. I like the idea of writing 3 things down because 3 things feels really do-able. I am also a massive advocate for meditation. Do you use an app by any chance?



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