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To monsoon:


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Hey everyone,

As we all have seen, @Monsoon is unfortunately leaving DTL, me and many many others are all saddened by this. But, Monsoon is and will NOT be forgotten, I personally have been supported by Monsoon, and will definitely continue to be the best, resilient person I can be, and I’ll follow the advice Monsoon has kindly given me. 

Monsoon, you are a huge huge part of this community, you’ve helped so many of us, and you are one of a kind, you are an inspiration. I’m sure your next role in whatever you do in the future will be so happy to have you, as you really deserve the best in life. You and will always be such an, incredible, wonderful, inspirational, irreplaceable, kindhearted person. Your presence is always a blessing to be around, I’ll always remember when you put smiley faces at the end of sentences, honestly makes me smile 😊!

I will miss you loads, and can’t believe you’re leaving. I really really hope you see this, as I just want you to know we all care about you!! Goodbye Monsoon, upwards and onwards, stay safe and keep being the wonderful, supportive person you are!

Hugs hugs hugs! 

Megs ❤️🥺

Schitts Creek Good Luck GIF by CBC
Awesome You Are The Best GIF by Altibox

@Harper @Blondie can you make sure Monsoon sees this pretty please 🥺❤️

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