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5-4-3-2-1 grounding technique for people struggling with their emotions and feelings.


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This might not help but have you ever heard of the 54321 distraction technique? 

this is how it goes: it’s to take your mind of things your struggling with and for you to focus on things around you instead: 

5: things you can see. ( what can you see around you, tell me 5 things ) 

4: things you can touch around you. ( what can you feel/touch around you?)

3: what’s 3 things you can hear around you? 

2: what’s two things you can smell around you? ( i know it’s a weird one to focus on  but, it will help!)

1: what’s one thing you can ( put ) into your mouth and taste? ( you’re favourite chocolate, favourite fruit etc ) 

Now that’s something you’ve tried, how did it go? And, do you feel calmer? 

the mentors here at DTL are here for you, the community also are here, if you’re in danger call your local emergency services. 

huggies 🥰

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