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My friend asked me to wish her happy birthday.... again?

Nisse V    

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Hi all. I feel like I may be overthinking this but I just want to get an outside opinion of what I should/could do. My friend's birthday was over a week ago and I wished her happy birthday through text and everything on the day. However, yesterday, she asked me to send her a separate "birthday message" so she could copy it into a scrapbook/photo album she was making for herself. As I said, I sent her a birthday message already on her actual birthday, so, I'm a little confused as to why she wants ANOTHER one but mostly, something about it is rubbing me the wrong way. But, I also feel like I'd be a bad friend if I didn't do it. What should I do?

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Hey @Nisse V

Welcome to the DTL community. I'm one of the digital mentors here and I give advice to those who reach out.

With the birthday message, it does sound like an unusual request given that she already has one from you, and I'm wondering, have you asked why she needs another? On the other hand, you could also save yourself the time and write another. It might be that she feels something is missing from the first one. What do you think?

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Hi @Monsoon,

Thanks for the reply. I did consider just sending her the same message I'd already sent her again as, I agree, that would just be the simplest thing to do. But then that got me thinking if the reason she was asking for another one is because she didn't like my original one. If that were the case, why did she not just come out and say so? This is where I think the uncomfortable feeling is coming from. I have a hard time when people are not direct and their intentions are not clear. I did ask her if she asked all her other friends and family to send new birthday messages too and she said yes, which did ease that feeling a little bit but..... yeah...... I don't know. I guess because I can't see the logic in doing it again and can't justify it in my own mind is what's holding me back from just taking the path of least resistance and doing it. Do I want to die on this hill and make a "big thing" of it.....

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