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Okay so I was looking for the Lorax soundtrack and found the original demos for unreleased songs and boy are they interesting and I'm kinda ticked they got cut

1. Biggering

Biggering was the original 'Villain Song' for the Onceler, and it is so different from How Bad Can I Be. I'll post the lyrics below.


At first I didn't realize
I needed all this stuff
I had a little cottage
And that cottage was enough

A place where I could sit and knit
A place where I could sell my Thneeds
But now I've had a little time
To re-assess my needs

And I need a bigger office
I need a bigger chair
A bigger desk, a bigger staff
A bigger hat to wear

Because I'm biggering
I'm figuring I'm biggering
And biggering is triggering
More biggering

Hey, listen up, meathead
I'm going to say this once, and I'm not gonna repeat it
Greed ya see, it's like a little pet, alright?
And the more and more and more that you go and feed it
The more hungry it'll get

But you know, you really can't blame greed
No, that's stupid
You see, it's gotta worm inside
Oh yeah, that's right
It's one that always needs to feed
And it is never satisfied
You get it?

But the more you try to find it
The more it likes to hide
Now listen that is nasty little worm
And I like to call it pride

See, now that's why you're biggering
Listen here, idiot
I'm figuring on biggering
But that biggering's just triggering more biggering
Got that? Alright

There is a principle of nature
That most every creature knows
It's called survival of the fittest
And this is how it goes

The animal that wins has got to
Claw and kick and punch
The animal that doesn't
Winds up someone else's lunch

A company's an animal
That's trying to survive (survive)
It's struggling, and fighting
Just to keep itself alive

I must keep biggering
I'm figuring I'm biggering
Though biggering is triggering more biggering

I won't stop
I'm figuring I'm biggering
And biggering is triggering more biggering

And the customers are buying
And the money multiplying
And the pr people lying
And the lawyers are denying

Who cares if some things are dying?
I don't wanna hear your crying
This is all so gratifying


(The part in bold is the Lorax's part) See, in this song, the Onceler recognizes what he is doing wrong, but legal, so there's nothing anyone can do about it. Also, in this song, instead of the Lorax being basically a comic relief, he's trying to talk some sense into the Onceler. The Onceler in the movie was just a skinny white boy with Mommy issues who just wanted love from his family, meanwhile this Onceler was over run by greed and pride (ie, he 'needs' a bigger a bigger office, and bigger chair, a bigger desk, a bigger staff, and a bigger hat to wear, 


2. The Original Thneedville Song

The Thneedville Song in the movie was not the original song that was meant for the movie, again, I'll post the lyrics below.



In Thneedville
It's a brand new day
Always see 
Barely like it that way
Here in get more than we need-ville

In Thneedville
You're never alone
'Cause you've always got the stuff that you own.

I just got my baby an phone!

In Thneedville!
Where the smog is real
And all the trees are made of bark and wood
Here in growing like a weed-ville

In Thneedville
Where the buildings are all built
(Where the building are all built)
And the streetlights glow
And the chemicals flow

I just went swimming, and now I glow!

Just one place has stayed the same
The hill that bears our founder's name
A tradition we maintain
Soon to become a pizza chain!
Pizza chain! Pizza chain!

Ooh look! It's Aloysius O'Hare
(Aloysius O'Hare)
The man who bottled-up fresh air
And became a zillionaire

Everyone 'round here works for me
I sell them something they should get for free
We live in perfect harmony

In Thneedville! In Thneedville!
Hip-hooray! Hip-Hooray! Hip-hiphooray!

All I've ever wanted is a  whos-it
I would never flaunt it
Oh how'd I use it

Everybody has one
Like Jared and Julie and Jim
And Even Ronald shclook has one
And nobody's lamer than him

And I would play with it all day
(Play with it all day)
And never ever lose it
(Never ever lose it)
All I've ever wanted is a whos-it

Except for the time that I wanted a scooter,
A cellphone, a trumpet, a laptop computer
A sports car, an SUV, robot that looks like me,
A broad sword, a surfboard, a gas-powered sled,
A little pet kitten that danced around,
But this, this is totally different
Cause all I've ever wanted in my life is the stuff that I don't have

In Thneedville! It's a brand new day!

All I ever wanted is the stuff that I don't have

Can't see the sun, but we like it that way
Here in get more than we need-ville

Want it terribly!

In Thneedville!

Want it horribly!

You're never alone.

All I ever wanted is the stuff that I don't have

'Cause you've always got the stuff that you own.

Where is the stuff that I haven't had?

Here in spend until you bleed-ville
Growing like a weed-ville
Please don't mention greed-ville
We're happy here in... Thneedville!


(Bold lyrics are O'Hare's part, Italics is Ted's part)

There's a lot to unpack here, so I'll seperate it into different parts

  • The similarities:

There are three main similarities to the original song, the 'I just went swimming, and now I glow,' part, O'Hare's part, and the Thhhhhhneedville at the end. However, O'Hare's part changes from 'I sell them something they could get for free' to 'I sell them something they should get for free. Both mention that they are a materialistic society (you are never alone 'cause you've always got the stuff you own)

  • The differences:

For one, Ted's character changes from a love struck teenage boy to a spoiled brat and most likely a bully. The people of Thneedville also knew that the smog is dangerous and they should be scared, but aren't because of O'Hare. The last verses also differ from 'here in Love-The-Life-We-Lead-Ville, Destined-To-Succeed-Ville, We-Are-All-Agreed-Ville' to 'Spend-Until-You-Bleed-Ville, Growing-Like-A-Weed-Ville, Please-Don't-Mention-Greed-Ville'

3. This is the Place:

This song had a very small part in the movie, but here's the whole song


This is it! This is the place!

It's bound to have just what I need

I wanna hold it all in one big embrace

But first...

Let's find the stuff to make my thneed

Na, na, na na na na

Na na na na, na na, na na na

Now you!

Na, na, na na na na

Na na na na, na na, na na na

Humming Fish, I love your hums

I've got a feeling we'll be chums

This pond is perfect! There's no doubt

Excuse me while I rip these out!

Na, na, na na na na

Na na na na, na na, na na na

Na, na, na na na na

Na na na na, na na, na na na

Na na na na, na na, na na na

Swami-Swans, you fly so high

Everywhere I look, you fill the sky

I love your graceful neck, and your noble breast

But the thing that I love most, just might be your nest

Thank you!

Na, na, na na na na

Na na na na, na na, na na na

Na, na, na na na na

Na na na na, na na, na na na

Hey there, Barbaloot!

You look so cute

in your Barbaloot suit

Your fur's so soft, hey you know what

I'm gonna shave a little bit off your Barbaloot butt

This is it! These truffula trees

All my life I've searched for trees, such trees as these

The touch of their tufts is softer than silk

And they have the sweet smell of butterfly milk

Oh everybody now!

Na, na, na na na na

Na na na na, na, nah, neh n-eh?

Eheh, guys? C'mon, where's my back-up chorus?

It's not happening? It's not happening.

You guys don't feel like singing...


Now, this song isn't as bad a Biggering or the original Thneedville, but however it still shows how bad the Onceler was. He was prepared to rip out weeds from the ground, steal the nest of the Swami-Swans, and shave the barbaloots, just to make his thneed.

4.The Onceler's  Travelling Madness


[Sung] Na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na na
Bup budupadup ooh
Going off to make a thneed

I've got a cramp in my back
And another cramp in my right rump cheek

[Spoken] You and I will have separate grandchildren
And we will say to them

Oh god look I'm playing my guitar upside down
Don't look at me like that!
Just something to do

[Spoken] And oh wait I forgot the words
[Sung] Na na naa na naa

[Spoken] You ever think really hard about boredom?

Is that annoying?
Is that annoying?
Is this annoying?

Look it's some circling birds
I bet you they're going to eat our corpses
And then the worms will come out of the ground
And then some other little critter's gonna come and
Make furniture out of our bones.
And sit on it
And have lovely dinners
And this whole thing will be a disaster

[Sung] Na na na na
Na na na na
Na na na na na
Haa na na na na na
Na na na na
Na na na na na

Now, this one isn't important to the story, I just wish they would've kept it


(For proof of this, look up these songs and you will find them on youtube or something)




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