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What movies 🎥 have you been watching?🍿


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  • No criticism of people’s movies
  • No slang/bad words
  • Any rating
  • Suggest Some movies get out of ur shell 


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October Sky, otherwise known as Rocketboys. It's one of my favs and if you aren't crying at some point, there is something wrong with you.

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I watched Drifting Home the other day and really enjoyed it 🥰. I also watched Demon Slayer: Mugen Train. 
Those are both anime movies.

My other movies are because of my current Wednesday obsession, which are The Addams Family and Addams Family Values. 

Then there’s my Jenna Ortega hyper-fixation, so Yes Day, Iron Man 3, and the Fallout. The Fallout contains some really triggering material as well as vulgar content though so it’s rated high, and I’d watch at your own risk, but I really loved it. ✌🏽

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i know it sounds weird but i am straight up bad at watching movies 😭 i can only watch them with other people, otherwise i just start doing other stuff that i find more important lol

the last movie i watched was puss in boots 2, i watched it twice with my friends and it's really really good!!

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I've been binge watching all parts of "The Hunger Games" TvT

BUT! I've also been watching horror movies since its my favorite genre, for example one of em was "The Empty Man" & I'd give it a rating of like 8/10 👍

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