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whats going on?


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so recently ive been getting annoyed easily, and it always takes me a while to get to sleep

technically my life is good. I do okay in school, i have nice parents and i found a few friends who i love! I go from being really excited to annoyed and just generally down in quite a short space of time and i can make myself get quite panicked by even a fairly small thing just by thinking about it. I tend to overthink and that doesn't help. I get more panicked than my friends and they sometimes get confused as to how i change moods so quickly

itill feel happy and i like my life, i just want to know what's going on. Maybe its just hormones but i dont know

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Hey AnnaTheWizard!


Welcome! Thank you for sharing. What your going through


How old are you, if you don't mind my asking?


What is 'awhile' when it comes to falling asleep? Did the changes in mood come after you started getting less sleep, or before?


What kinds of things do you tend to get annoyed about? What kinds of 'small' things do you find yourself overthinking and panicking about?


How do you overcome the feelings of panic?


It's hard to know the cause of such things... but maybe after more details we can get a better picture.



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I'm 15

A while to get to sleep varies from 15 minutes to sometimes 3 hours or just staring doing nothing not even necessarily worried or anything just unable to make my brain shut up!

I get annoyed at even just little things like even when my friends just go about their normal lives something they say or do that has never bothered me before will start to bother me and then I'll feel bad because they haven't done anything and I just got annoyed at them

I don't know when the getting annoyed started to happen but definately after I had stifle getting to sleep because I've been feeling like that maybe a few years now.

I overcome my panic by putting music on really loud and closing my eyes, or reading, or talking to my friend about a different topic, but sometimes it's hard to forget about what I'm panicking about and when that happens I don't really know what to do.

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Hey AnnaTheWizard,


Oh wow! That lack of sleep would definitely affect your mood! No wonder things annoy you! Here's an article on things you can do when you can't sleep:




Have you talked to your parents about not being able to sleep? And/or a doctor?


Just generally being able to reduce stress is really important. When you're feeling worried or annoyed, taking some time for yourself is necessary. Those are great techniques you have, already! I find meditation to be really helpful... Here are a few more:





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