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being the bullied friend in the group - just laugh it off they say


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i cant fucking take it anymore it’s every single time i’m with them there is always something but always after a while i say it was never that deep but it is. it hurts me so much and i don’t realise how much until i’m in the moment. asking me why i contour my nose so much and everyone agreeing “ yh no offence but you only put makeup on your nose” maybe cause i don’t fucking like my nose so stop pointing out my insecurities. they “joke” with me all the time and i have nothing to say cause nothing comes up in my dumb fucking mind and then this whole situation ruins my whole fucking day along with it i’m just so done. i can’t leave my friend group cause i’m supposedly besties with this one girl and i’m in a group 4 and my supposedly bestie devora always takes dejas and zaidas side and they just laugh and laugh and laugh and say it’s just a joke why don’t u just laugh it off. i laugh. then they laugh again and say don’t cryy then laugh and i go silent and then they say it’s only a joke don’t take it seriously and say “we love you”. no u fucking don’t i feel so fucking shit around you guys every time atleast once when we go out but i don’t show it. i laugh 

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Hey @maisey

Thank you for reaching out to us here at Ditch the Label. I'm one of the digital mentors here and I give advice to those who reach out to us. It sounds like this has been getting to you for a while which is totally understandable. Your reaction is valid and it's a normal response to feel hurt by these things. I'm wondering, what are you hoping to get out of your support here? Would you like to just vent, or talk about ways to deal with it, or even both? It's completely up to you and we will follow your lead. Take care and speak soon. 


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